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It's Finally Here!

Updated: Mar 28

It's December, and what better way to start the month than by releasing the very first edition of Sociable! We are delighted to introduce our new digital magazine, from The Accessible Guide and Tuesday Night Social.

The main focus of Sociable will be disability and mental health, but we will also include much, much more including general interest articles on subjects such as music, tv, movies, travelling, performing arts, the list is endless.

Our intention is to work with organisations from around the world who will submit articles for editions of Sociable, which will then help ensure we are able to showcase the wonderful work of many charitable and not-for-profit organisations.

If you have any articles or stories that you would like to see in Sociable, or would like to get involved, then please just get in touch with us at

We hope you enjoy the first edition of Sociable and we hope you can forgive us if you notice and spelling errors! When we first proposed the idea, we have a small team that were due to help with the content and production, due to unforeseen circumstances however, the number of individuals in our Sociable team, reduced significantly, hence we are looking for new individuals to get involved.

There will be at least two editions of Sociable in 2023. For now though, we really hope you enjoy our first edition, it's the perfect opportunity to put the kettle on, settle down, and discover the world of Sociable.


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