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This is Sociable

Updated: Mar 28

We are delighted to launch our This is Sociable website. Sociable is a digital magazine project brought to you by Tuesday Night Social and The Accessible Guide. The first edition of our digital magazine will be available in November, and we welcome you to get involved!

Our digital magazine project will focus on disability related content, but will also cover general interest topics such as sport, music, tv and films, travelling and much much more. Our plan is to work with other organisations sucn as schools, colleges and other disability organisations to help us create the content for our magazine. If you're interested in photography, journalism, story writing and would like to get involved then please just get in touch.

Tuesday Night Social was founded to help tackle social isolation and our project is about making new friends and creating memories. It's important to us that we create a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that will encourage people to come and join us. Our digital magazine project will help us tell the stories of the people involved at Tuesday Night Social, and will also let our people express themsevles creatively.


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